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“The Screen is a Mirror” screening event scheduled next week will be postponed until further notice due to concerns around the spread of COVID-19, and Canada Public Health’s recommendations to avoid large public gatherings.


However, the exhibition portion of “The Screen is a Mirror” can still be viewed at Glory Hole Gallery at The 519 on the second floor. (Running from March 17th - May 10th)


Check GHG’s website and social media platforms for updates on the re-scheduling of the screening event! We hope everyone is taking care and staying safe during these times.

A note from the GHG team to fellow TAC funded organizations:


We are aware that the TAC (and likely other art funders) have released an announcement stating that organizations who receive operational funding from the TAC are not required to reschedule missed events as a result of Corona Virus, as part of the organizational funding reports. 


We at GHG are made up of a collective of both independent artists and curators, as well as arts administrators and social sector policy analysts. We would like to encourage that all organizations currently cancelling artist events, talks, speaker series, etc. to prioritize rescheduling these events, or at least ensuring promised artist fees are paid. It is imperative for independent artists and curators (full time or not) to receive promised payment always, and in a timely manner. Cancelling an event (and paycheque) for an individual regardless of reasoning should be denounced. There is always a means of rescheduling and ensuring artists are paid, and if this is not mandated by your organization already this is a time to immediately do so. 


On behalf of the GHG team, be safe, pay your artists as promised, and make every effort in order to reschedule or accommodate events in response to this ongoing safety protocol. 


Thank you. 


GHG Team