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Don't Go Unspoken
Solo Exhibition of work by Jega Delisca 

Co-presented with Whippersnapper Gallery

April 23 - May 23, 2021

Don't Go Unspoken is Part of a new Glory Hole Gallery series, First Date, showcasing emerging GTA-based 2SLGBTQ+ artists in a solo exhibition. 

The full exhibition can only be viewed online and from the window of Whippersnapper Gallery at 594 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON due to COVID-19 restrictions.


As a part of Don't Go Unspoken Jega Delisca will be taking over the Glory Hole Gallery Instagram (@gloryholegallery) until May 23rd 2021. Please scroll below to see a live feed of the Instagram page and Jega's take over. 

20201119_232357000_iOS (2).jpg

Artist Statement About Don’t Go Unspoken By Jega Delisca:

I started painting to deal with the loss of my closest friend Elisha, and I don’t think I could’ve imagined that this grief would offer so much to explore. Elisha in many ways was the co-author to my life up until now, and in the chasm her death left behind, this whole new identity is forming. I’ve been obsessed with looking back and reflecting on the person I was before her and the person I’m becoming after her.

Don’t Go Unspoken is a collection of work reflecting on grief, friendship and childhood. These paintings illuminate the intimate moments between my three close friends, the joys of coming to age with and how and moving forward with grief. 


About The Artist: 

Jega Delisca is an emerging queer Haitian-American Toronto–based painter. His work explores the intimate relationships between him and his community, with close friends, and family his primary subjects.

Online Exhibition View
Yana, Haja 
Glory Hole Gallery Instagram Live View: 
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